How to Create a Killer Discount Offer for Your Dental Office

Discount offers are a great way to attract new patients to your dental practice but most dentists do not give enough thought when creating a discount offer. The aim for any discount coupon is to get a higher volume of patients visiting your office. This means your special offer must be attractive enough to compel prospective patients to make an appointment. In this post we discuss some ways to make your special offers more effective.

effective dental coupon

Limited Time

An easy way to get people to take action is to limit your discount for a specific time like a certain date or number of days. This means that prospective patients who do not take immediate action risk losing the discount forever and which is exactly why this technique is so effective in getting more people to book an appointment. By not binding the offer to a specific date or time you are saying that the discount is will be available for the foreseeable future leaving no incentive for a potential patient to take immediate action.

Limited Number

Similar to limited time offers, you can limit your discount offer to the first 10/20/30 patients. This again creates a sense of urgency among prospective patients because if they hesitate somebody else could claim the offer in their place. The great thing about this offer is that you do not have to specify any time frame and so the coupon/offer can be reused over and over again.


Packaging or bundling related treatment procedures together with a discount can be very effective in getting patients to make an appointment. The most common of these offers is “$X for Dental Exam, X-ray and Cleaning” which every other dentist is offering nowadays. Similarly, you can combine other procedures together to create more offers e.g. crown + implant or Invisalign + teeth whitening.

Minimum Spend

A percentage discount on minimum spend works on group discount situations like families and group of friends/colleagues. This offer encourages people to spend a minimum amount at your dental office and get a fixed percentage off. This would be a very attractive offer for a family with 3 kids all of whom need some work done before the school reopens or holidays begin etc.

The next time you are creating a discount coupon for your dental office, consider using one of the above techniques to make your special offer more effective.


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