Dental PPC Advertising

Dental PPC Advertising

Dental PPC advertising management involves the optimization of pay per click ads on networks like Google Adwords, Bing Ads and Facebook Ads. This allows a dental office to attract qualified patients faster than other forms of dental marketing. A typical dentist ppc campaign can generate new patient appointments within 3 days.

My website is already ranking well; should I do ppc advertising?

Yes. Keeping in view that pay per click ads appear above organic listings, you cannot ignore them because they generate significant visibility and traffic. On mobile devices, specially with click to call ads enabled, you can generate calls directly from search results. Since many mobile users are on the move, they are only interested in the nearest dental clinics and will likely click the first listing that catches their attention.

My ads are showing on Google/Bing/Yahoo but not generating any leads?

Having your ads show in search results is not a problem at all. The real challenge lies in managing the ads to show up in top placements and on relevant keywords. In addition, you will need an optimized landing page to convert the visitors to leads. Only then will you generate qualified calls and form inquiries at a feasible cost. A badly done ppc campaign can burn your money fast.

How many new dental patients can you generate from ppc ads?

Fortunately, with ppc advertising we can predict fairly accurately how many leads you will generate. Depending on your location and budget, you can generate high quality dental appointments for around $100 with google adwords and bing ads. With facebook ads, it is harder to predict because the research data is not readily available.

How much does ppc advertising cost?

Again this can be determined easily using one of many research tools. Google Adwords, provides a free keyword planner tool. You can use it to research relevant keywords and their historic search volume, competition and average cpc prices. We recommend, that you spend at least $1,000/month on ppc ads to get a return on your ad spend.

Why should I hire you to manage my ppc campaigns?

We have many years of experience managing ppc advertising campaigns on Google Adwords, Bing ads, Yahoo and Facebook. Our PPC experts are up to date with the latest ad innovations like remarketing and mobile ads to get the best ROI from your advertising spend. Please get in touch to discuss how we can help your dental practice with pay per click marketing.