Dental Patient Acquisition Cost Calculator

Dental Patient Acquisition Cost Calculator

How much should your dental practice spend on marketing? This question depends on how many new patients you want and how much marketing budget you need to spend to acquire a new patient. This tool will help you calculate how much it actually costs to bring a new patient to your dental practice. The forumla used to calculate the patient acquisition cost is given below:

Patient Acquisition Cost Forumla

PAC: Patient acquisition cost
MCC: Total marketing campaign costs
W: Wages associated with marketing and sales
S: Total cost of all marketing and sales software (Web Hosting, Call Tracking, CRM. etc)
O: Other overheads related to marketing and sales (Equipment/Studio Rental, Consultant Fees. etc)
PA: Total number of patients acquired

Just input the required values in the form below to find out how much your practice is spending on average to acquire a new dental patient.