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Treatment Room TV

29 Dental Office Amenities to Attract More Patients

Most people are not fond of dental offices and only visit a dentist because of necessity. Dental office amenities are an easy way to attract more patients to your practice by distinguishing it from other dentists in your neighbourhood. They also improve patient comfort and satisfaction encouraging more repeat visits and higher patient retention. In that […]

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Facebook Marketing for Dentists

The Truth About Social Media Marketing for Dentists

Social media marketing is a the most challenging way to get dental patients online. Many dentists who jump on the social media bandwagon, trying to find new patients learn this fact the hard way. They invest in a great page/profile, post a few updates, run some ads and then wonder why nobody is listening to what they have […]

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Dental Patient Recall

5 Recall Letter Templates for Inactive Dental Patients

Recalling in active dental patients is one of the most effective ways to increase your patient lifetime value and monthly production. Patient recall for follow-up attention is more than just good marketing. It is an essential aspect of good dental care. In fact, your practice could be in serious trouble with a potential malpractice issue if it does […]

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