How to Create a Great Slogan for Your Dental Practice

With a plethora of dentists competing for a patients attention through various forms of dental marketing (TV, radio, websites, social media, magazines, coupons, workplace referrals and more), you must up your game to become successful. Most patients think that all dentists are the same since only a few dental practices are able to establish their brand and make themselves stand out. Having a catchy, memorable slogan will help your dental office distinguish itself from others to dominate your local market. But how do you create a great tagline? This is exactly what we attempt to answer in this post.

invisalign tagline

Keep it Short

Keep your dental office slogan under 10 words. Anything too long will make it impossible to use anywhere with your logo. While you must keep your tagline short, you must also ensure that it is complete and anyone reading it should be able to tell that you provide dentistry service without any additional information.

Brand Consistency is Key

If you have a paediatric dentistry then your slogan must be related to kids and speak to their parents. If you want to attract high end clients, then your tagline should speak to the wealthy. The point being that brand consistency should be maintained when creating a slogan to attract the right patients. For example, Invisalign’s tagline positions it as a transparent alternative to metallic braces.

Focus on Your Unique Selling Proposition (USP)

At the end of the day, a tag-line is simply another opportunity to tell people what makes your dental practice different from the rest. For example, Crossoak Family Dentistry uses the slogan “We cater to cowards” with a big chicken on its website. Try to incorporate your primary unique selling point in your slogan.

Get Input from Patients

Short-list 5-6 slogan ideas and create a poll on your Facebook page to see what your fans think. Ask for some suggestions from your patients and announce a prize for the one who comes up with the best tag-line for your dental office. You could also personally approach a few loyal patients for their suggestions. Those are some ways to get feedback and advice from the target audience itself i.e. dental patients.

Say It Out Loud

Once you have a few ideas, say them out loud to hear how they sound. Try putting emphasis on different words and inserting punctuation to see how it changes the sound and meaning of your slogan.

Before finalizing a tagline, you will need to see if another business is already using it. If you’re in the U.S., you can run a trademark check through the USPTO. If you’re located in another country, check for availability with your government.

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