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Adwords Express for Dentists

Google Adwords Express for Dentists – A Good Idea Gone Bad

Google Adwords Express is a simplified version of their advertising platform Google Adwords, aimed at local business and service professionals like dentists and orthodontists. The main benefit of Adwords Express for dentists is the automation and simplicity it offers over the default adwords campaigns. You can get started quickly and do not need professional to setup a Google Adwords Express […]

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SEO vs PPC Advertising

PPC or SEO: An Effective Dental Marketing Plan Uses Both

When it comes to marketing your dental practice with search engines, you have two options to choose from – SEO or PPC advertising. Both these search engine marketing strategies have their pros and cons. In an earlier post I have discussed the benefits of PPC advertising with Google Adwords. In this post we will go […]

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PPC Advertising for Dentists: Maximise Profit NOT ROI

Before starting any advertising campaign for your dental practice, you need to specify some goals for the campaign. A lot of dentists who are not familiar with PPC advertising would choose a specific ROI like 300% or 400% for their campaigns without knowing that they might be losing money by setting up such a high […]

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Advantages of Google Adwords

7 Reasons Why Every Dentist Should Try Google Adwords

The growing use of internet as a medium for marketing has lead to many innovations in online advertising. One of these great innovations from early 2000’s is Google Adwords. What started as a search advertising program is now a full blow advertising network reaching almost 85% of all web users on most popular websites like […]

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3 types of search queries

3 Types of Search Queries Patients Use to Find a Dentist

Modern search marketing, both paid and organic, requires you to understand searcher’s behaviour and intent. Since the Humming Bird update, Google algorithm has moved on from keywords and now looks at the overall intent of a search query to rank pages and websites that best answer the query. Google’s paid search advertising program, Google Adwords has been […]

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