5 Google Adwords Ad Extensions Every Dentist Should Try

Google Adwords text ads are limited to just 25 characters in the headline and 2 lines of 35 characters for the description. It is impossible for a dental practice to convey all the important information in such a short character limit. This is where ad extensions come in and help extend your ad with more useful information. These ad extensions are absolutely free and help improve your ad’s visibility in search results because an extended ad covers a larger area. Ad extensions can also improve your ad’s CTR, leading to higher quality score, lower cost per click and thus a better ROI on your ppc advertising spend.

Screenshot of Adwords Ad Extension

Google has introduced many ad extensions to help business enhance their ads with more information. In this post we look at 5 adwords ad extensions that you can use to improve your dental adwords campaign performance.

Location Extension

Location Extension

This extension ads your dental office address below your ad so patients can quickly see where your office is located without having to click your ad to find out. This helps to save you money as only people near your office will click your ad for further information and somebody who is to far away from your office will ignore your ad. You can use this extension by connecting your Google My Business account with your Google Adwords account. Location extensions are very useful and every dentist must take advantage of this feature.

Sitelink Extension

sitelink extension Sitelink extension expand your ad with links to different pages of your website specified by you. These site-links only appear under your ad, if your ad shows above or below the organic listings. Site-links do not show on ads appearing on the side even if you have added them through your account. These extensions have to be manually added as you must specify the links you want to show under your ad and the anchor text for each link. You can also specify 2 description lines of 25 characters each for every sitelink.

Site-links extension helps you direct patients quickly to the most important pages of your website, such as the about page, contact or request appointment page, testimonials page, discount offers page, before and after photos page etc. This allows a person to click on the contact page directly from your ad and request an appointment.

Call Extension

call extensionCall extensions extend your ad with a phone number allowing patients to dial your number without clicking your ad if they are on a desktop or clicking the ad to dial your number if they see your ad on a mobile device. In most cases calls are more valuable than clicks and therefore, your dental ppc campaign is incomplete without call extensions. Call extensions will continue to become more important as more and more people use mobile devices and smartphones to look for local dentists. Google also provides free tracking numbers to track the performance of your call extensions.

Callout Extension

callout extensionCallout extensions help expand your ad with more information about your dental office and treatment procedures. You can use callout extensions to add unique information that distinguishes your dental practice from the competitors in the area. Note that callout extensions only appear if your ad shows above or below the organic listings and do not appear for right side ads.

Structured Snippets

structured snippet extensionStructured snippets are similar callout extensions except that you can only use structured snippets within a category or header. Google will only show snippets of one category at a time. Again, structured snippets only appear on ads showing above or below organic listings and do not appear on right side ads. Here’s a list of available headers:

  • Amenities
  • Brands
  • Courses
  • Degree programs
  • Destinations
  • Featured hotels
  • Insurance coverage
  • Neighborhoods
  • Service catalog
  • Shows
  • Styles
  • Types

Immediately you can see that amenities and insurance coverage are relevant to any dental adwords campaign.

Now that you know what ad extensions to use, why not try them out on your dental adwords campaigns. You can learn more about all the Google Adwords ad extensions here. If you need any help with Adwords ad extensions or anything to do with PPC advertising, please request a free. consultation.


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