Dental Website Design

Dental Website Design

At Dental Marketing Direct, we receive a lot of questions from dentists regarding web design. While it is not possible to address all those questions, we have answered the most common dental website design concerns below.

Why do I need a website for my dental practice?

If you want to promote your dental office online, the first thing you need is a website. Whatever SEO, advertising campaigns and promotions you run on the web will generate traffic and that traffic will need a website or landing page where they can read more about the expertise and services offered by your dental practice.

In fact, even if you don’t want to do any internet marketing, your patients still expect you to have a website. When they see your flyer or post card or listen to your ad on the radio, the first thing many consumers will do is search for your website online to get more information. If they can’t find your website you may have just lost a potential patient.

What makes a good dental office website?

The bottom line is that any website that is generating patients regularly is good enough. However, when we analyze the best performing dental websites we find some common elements that make them better than the rest.

  • Fast loading
  • Mobile compatible
  • Browser compatible
  • Easy to navigate
  • Pleasant, professional design
  • Readable font
  • Useful , engaging content
  • Correct grammar and punctuation
  • No Bugs or broken links
  • Video and Multimedia support
  • Safe, Secure and malware free
  • Search engine optimized

I already have a website; do I still need a new one?

This depends on how well your current website is working for you. Instead of asking us, the best and easiest thing to do is to survey your patients and see what kind of feedback you get. This would give you a clear, unbiased answer.

How many patients will a new website bring to my clinic?

Even if you have an award-winning dental website, it will not bring any patients if you don’t promote it. This is similar to having a full-fledged, dental office without any marketing. In order to generate dental appointments you must do some website marketing. However, having a good website will ensure that whatever traffic you generate through online marketing will result in appointments. Therefore in order to get more productive patients you need a great website and then do regular online marketing to drive traffic to your website.

Do I need a separate website for mobiles?

If you already have a separate mobile site, then you should continue having a separate mobile and desktop site. However, if you are building a new one website, then we recommend going for a mobile responsive dental website. A responsive website is optimized to display correctly on mobiles, mini tablets, tablets, laptops and desktops. This enables you to have a single website that looks good on all major devices and screen sizes.

Should I have a separate website for each dental office?

Yes, we recommend all our clients to create a separate website for each of their locations. You should also have a separate main website that mentions all their locations. Having a separate website for each office location may seem like a lot of work but in fact it has a lot of long term advantages that we have discussed in this post.

How much would a new dental website cost?

The price of a dental website depends on several variable factors which we have discussed here. We have seen quotes ranging from $500 – $5000. While a higher price doesn’t necessarily mean a great website, a cheap website will attract cheap patients if any. We suggest you look at your website as a long term investment that will generate customers for the next 2 years. Our dental website packages start from $1999 for a template site going up to $3999 for a custom design. There is an additional fee of $100/month if you want us to manage and host your website.

Why should I hire you to build my dentistry website?

We have created dozens of high performing websites that have helped our dental clients build million dollar practices. We specialize in dental website design and have work samples in our portfolio. We also offer internet marketing services to help you profit from your dental website.