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My name is Rafay and I am the owner of Reach Me Faster, a Google adwords certified partner agency located in Karachi, Pakistan. Founded in 2014, we aim to help businesses get more online customers, faster! We specialize in generating new patients for dental practices using Google and Facebook Ads. In order to promote our dental marketing service, we launched Dental Marketing Direct in 2016. We currently work with over 20 dental practices with a total of 25 office locations. Initial consultation is absolutely free – C0ntact us now!

I am also a regular poster on dentaltown since 2015 and may be contacted via private message. Here is an interview I gave for Howard Farran’s podcast show.

Case Studies

Given below are some recent results we have produced for our clients.

Are you get generating maximum number of new patients from your adwords, bing ads and other PPC campaigns? Is your marketing agency ignore doing everything to optimize your ppc campaigns? Do you want to get a second opinion on your Google Adwords campaigns? If you answered yes to any of the above questions please complete the short request form and we’ll be in touch shortly!

Dental Office in New JerseyDental Office in VirginiaDental Office in MarylandDental Office in FloridaDental Office in Washington
Median household income of the city > $72k
Ad spend August 1 – 31, 2018 = $2,006
Number of Calls (including mis dials, duplicates and welfare/HMO) = 108
Number of New Patients (PPO and self-pay only) = 18
Cost per Call = $19
Cost per New Patient = $111
Median household income of the city > $100k
Ad spend July 1 – 31, 2018 = $1,563
Number of Calls (including mis dials, duplicates and medicaid) = 47
Number of New Patients (PPO and self-pay only) = 14
Cost per Call = $33
Cost per New Patient = $112

Median household income of the city > $100k
Ad spend June 1 – 30, 2018 = $1,229
Number of New Patients (PPO and self-pay only) = 16
Cost per New Patient = $77

Median household income of the city > $46k
Ad spend May 1 – 31, 2018 = $2,271
Number of Calls (including mis dials, duplicates and medicaid) = 90
Number of New Patients (PPO and self-pay only) = 26
Cost per Call = $25
Cost per New Patient = $87
Median household income of the city > $67k
Ad spend April 1 – 30, 2018 = $1,133
Number of Calls (including mis dials, duplicates and medicaid) = 35
Number of New Patients (PPO and self-pay only) = 13
Cost per Call = $32
Cost per New Patient = $87

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Why every dental office should try Google Ads?

Speed-to-market – Google Adwords can deliver results very quickly. This is a huge advantage in situations where you need new patients fast or you have a great service/offer that you want to push out before your competitors. Most other alternatives require development of creatives and other lengthy work upfront which can take weeks.

Location and language targeting – Do you wish to target hispanic dental patients only? With google adwords language targeting you can do that very easily. Google Adwords also has very comprehensive location targeting features. You can target residents of certain zip codes, cities and towns or better yet a 10-mile radius around your dental office. You can also exclude languages and locations that you want to avoid.

Pay for Qualified Clicks Only – Using the Google Search network, you can advertise to people who are looking for a dentist in your city. These people are highly interested in dental treatment and you can offer your service to them by advertising on google for relevant keywords. What is even more impressive is that you can exclude keywords to avoid showing your ad for irrelevant keywords. For e.g. if you do not treat children you can add keywords like children, kids, paediatric etc. as negatives to ensure that anyone who is searching for paediatric dentists does not see your ad!

Granular Control Over Advertising Spend – A Google Ads campaign can be started for as little as $10/day. While that may not get you many clicks or patients, it just goes to show that you can control your advertising cost depending on your marketing budget for the month/week. You can also control how much you want to pay per click for each keyword you want your ad to appear on. This granular control allows you to run the campaign, stop the campaign, adjust bids up or down, adjust budget up or down and activate/pause the campaign whenever you want. e.g. If you are booked out for the upcoming week(s) you can pause the campaign until you have some empty spots available.

Performance Tracking and Reports – Google Ads provides the most comprehensive tracking and reporting features of any online advertising platform. You can track ad impressions, ad clicks, click to calls, calls from websites, calls from ads, form completions, app installs, downloads and even import your google analytics conversion goals into your Google Ads account. These conversion actions are then backed by in-depth reporting of all aspects of campaign performance to help you evaluate the success of your ad campaign. All these conversion tracking and reporting are free for all advertisers irrespective of their ad spend.

Campaign Optimization Capabilities – Your Google Ads account comes built in with free campaign optimization tools that allow you to maximize the performance of your campaigns. For e.g. your goal is to generate a maximum number of online appointments, you can create a conversion in adwords to track the number of appointment form completions. Then once your campaign has had over 15 conversions over the last 30 days, you can enable conversion optimizer and define your target maximum or target patient acquisition cost. You can then sit back and let Google Conversion Optimizer run your campaign on auto pilot. It will adjust your CPC bids automatically to generate the highest number of conversions (appointments in this example) possible in your budget.

Why Choose Us to Manage Your Google Ads

Reach Me Faster (parent company of Dental Marketing Direct) is a Google Certified Partner and Bing Ads Accredited Professional company offering full service ppc management to our businesses around the globe. Each of our ppc management plans have the following features

  • Experienced & Certified Account Manager
  • No Setup Fee
  • You own the Adwords account and campaign
  • Monthly Reporting
  • No Contracts – cancel any-time before the beginning of next billing month without any penalty

Each ppc management plan includes:

  1. Landing page setup and optimization – to provide the most relevant content to each visitor
  2. Call tracking and recording – to tack the volume and quality of calls being generated from each ad group and campaign
  3. Ad Copywriting and Optimization – to stand out from competitors and attract qualified patients
  4. Comprehensive keyword and competitor research – to prevent irrelevant/low quality clicks and maximize ROI
  5. Bid management and optimization – to beat competitors for the top spots on Google
  6. Quality score optimization – to get the lowest Cost per Click for your target keywords
  7. Remarketing campaign – to retarget and convert abandoned visitors

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