Facebook Page Management

Facebook Page Management

The average american spends 40 minutes per day on Facebook. How much time do you spend on Facebook to engage with your dental patients? In today’s business climate your interaction on Facebook may be the edge that gets you appointments over your competitors. Whether you want to establish your presence on Facebook from scratch or you want to grow your Facebook reach and engagement further, we have the right experience and expertise to assist your dental practice. Whatever your dental marketing needs, Facebook is here to stay and you must act now or risk being left behind by your competitors.

Facebook Management For Dentists

For dentists who want to start connecting online and soft-selling their dental services using Facebook, our Facebook Business Page or Facebook Fan Page service is the way to get started fast. Facebook Business Pages provide you an easy way to connect with prospective patients outside of your website and to showcase your services, qualifications and seasonal promotions. A successful Facebook page will help your dentistry stand out from the crowd by providing social proof that many prospective patients look for when researching dentist reviews online. Dental Marketing Direct will turn your Facebook page into a deal maker and conversation starter.

Benefits of our Facebook Account Management Program

  1. Professional account management: efficient use of Facebook to deliver results by managing updates, uploads and content.
  2. Bespoke design, Your Facebook page will be judged and viewed by many, let’s make sure it looks good and functions correctly.
  3. Customized landing tabs and graphics to stand out from the crowd.
  4. Attract more fans and build brand awareness, promoting your company to a wider audience. A properly managed Facebook page will keep your brand in view.
  5. Showcase your customer service to encourage users to choose your business, efficient management will ensure your business is only seen in a positive light.
  6. Drive more visitors to your website, well placed links will drive visitors to key areas on your site, efficient targeting will lead to better conversion rates and more sales.
  7. Get your message out to more people, promoting products and special offers on Facebook should complement you website, Ad Campaigns and Email marketing.