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dentist advertising KPIs

5 Online Advertising Ratios Every Dentist Should Know

Most dentists outsource their online advertising campaigns to a dental marketing firm which then reports to them the results of the campaign. This is where your knowledge of marketing will be tested because these reports are full of technical terms and abbreviations. You must understand the meaning of each of those metrics to evaluate the performance of any marketing campaign. In […]

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SEO Scam Alert

Top 7 SEO Scams Every Dentist Should Avoid

With the growing use of search engines to research local businesses, search engine optimization (SEO) has become necessary for any modern dental practice. Unlike dentistry, marketing and specifically SEO doesn’t require a license or even a degree to prove your qualification. This distinction coupled with the rising demand for SEO has resulted many self-titled ‘SEO […]

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call tracking for dentists

5 Reasons Why Every Dentist Should Use Call Tracking

Most patients who want to book an appointment or request more information end up calling the dentist even if they have already visited their website or read their brochure. Talking over the phone gives patients more reliable information quickly, making phone calls the primary source of patients for dental offices. In short, calls from prospective and existing patients is what keeps […]

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dental collection letter sample

[FREE] 11 Collection Letter Examples for Dental Offices

A collection letter is an attempt to encourage patients to clear their outstanding dues. It serves as a humble reminder to the patient without breaking the relationship of dentist and the patient. A good letter combined with a superior patient communications strategy will help your dental office improve collections and keep bad debt down. In this […]

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